Tuesday, February 17, 2015

David Weiss at Swiss Institute

David Weiss at Swiss Institute

You can see the mindset already rooted, the early works of one half a duo, the sardonic irony of life, Fischli and Weiss artwork always tempting fate with their abuse of ideals, their jesting the seriousness life requires, and becoming admittedly bourgeois artists awaiting the comeuppance they teased.
You can see it slightly here, the eroding flippancy at life, taking it unseriously easy -serial paintings of not-quite nondescript scenes - coming in the package of art, drawing prints paintings depicting, drawings and paintings of, 9 notebooks of preparatory sketches, practice, game-planning, for the later celebrated works, which through the committee's business-like approach to mass frivolity finally made it the most artless serious business.

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