Sunday, February 8, 2015

“Lands’ End” at Bodega

"Lands' End" at Bodega

Bodega operating cooly for 5 years now and this the first CAD approved, one conspiratorially wonders if it’s with newfound Pryde.

The uncanny and abjection, and the various forms of it, from the saccharine of overripeness to detritus sticky resin stuck and mannequin wire children in floatsafe fashions, to the cold necrotic design of corporate cooperative, to place the mess against the continuing prophylacticizing of the world behind rubber corners, and all the seediness within it. A trending antagonism against clean whiteness, the final form of punk will be something with disgust no one wants at all.

David Duard at Johan Berggren , Flat Neighbors at Rachel Uffner , Cathy Wilkes at Tramway