Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jana Euler at Bonner Kunstverein

Jana Euler, Where the Energy Comes From, Installation view, 
Bonner Kunstverein 2014; Photos by Simon Vogel.

Painters lagging behind the speed of digital distribution, the same paintings appear again, lapped in the circuit complete, back where began: CAD’s displaying them once again but different, an addition of a cruddy sculpture and sprinkled Emoticons intersecting icons into physical space, winking.
But so the same writ still applicable, Euler’s paintings set their content precariously, awaiting the avalanche of writers spewing to keep up with each’s “content”’s ostensible 10k words worth, a spring trap set of neurosis for writers afraid of images void of language, and requisite dealing with “content”’s representation as though it were a leak to be stuffed, holes to be filled in a system manically working to deluge reference in line, proboscises awaiting their aesthetic surgery at the hands of those who would wish to set everything straight, tasteful, and they instead wink, waiting to be dealt with.

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