Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oscar Tuazon at Le Consortium & Paradise Garage

Oscar Tuazon at Le Consortium
(Le ConsortiumParadise Garage)

Oscar Tuazon likes building, and buildings, and the ways things get built. See, generally these things are so boring and ubiquitous, we don't notice them. These everyday things. So Tuazon uses all the tropes, er, common ways of making things, but assembles them in different ways that our brains aren't bored with, that allows you to recognize or see what your brain would normally be too bored to see. So you notice even the boring stuff. See Tuazon has a feti-, er, intense like for the protestant, er, blue-collar, or like see he appreciates the common job, son. The vernacular, er, that's why nothing is that spectacular, er, that interesting. The muted tones. It's a moral ethic, son. Have you ever seen Bruce Nauman's "Setting a good corner?" Of course not you're five. Right. Okay you know that show you like, the one that depicts stuff getting made, or like those dog-eared books you have with cross-sections, cut-intos, of like brick houses and steamships?  See Tuazon's sculptures are like that. You get to see everything, you notice the structure, you glean a moral appreciation for hard work. For the structure, son. Yes, son, endlessly romantic. Nostalgic for the past. No, much different than Donnie Judd. That's why he tore the garage, paradise, down, son, to stop the party.

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