Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Group Show at Salle Principale

Lois Weinberger

Look at this object. The packaging - the design, the arrangement - is the object, the affective manipulation of its viewer: the object above all connotes. Connotes intention and therefore meaning. The documentation encircles and presents it.
The department store toy, the action figure, the doll, creates the perfect projectable potential in children. Wrapped in its vacuumed plastic embryo the object is untouchable, unmodifiable blankness allowed to be filled with all the wild imagination the child can expel.  It creates a hole for the projection of its potential, fun or meaning, exhausting it immediately: opened, the toy has completed its life-cycle's transaction and can be burned. The art object must be an inexhaustable hole, an affectation of the toy never opened. Like the toy manufacturer who ultimately wins by having privatized access to figurant object, the artwork privatizes its "meaning," it "means" nothing outside of the inflection of its affect. Circulates its sign within the sign structures of art, it looks like art, like it means something.