Friday, July 3, 2015

“Popular Images” at Karma

"Popular Images" at Karma

"Popular images" is a perfect name. While appropriation dealt with images specific, today's hand-me-down version diffuses appropriation as a genericism, the culturally dispersed vagueness, accumulated echos in the gunked corners of visibility that we usually wash off our eyes, the hyper-distilled image of all the generic shit we see.
This inhabitation of the generic is meant as a critical doubling, to embody the other in clean assimilation of a replicant criticality, inverted where the ostensibly artistic human desires the borg-like reproductive body of capital info-machines. This doubling is expected as opposition to its takeover, but it may betray a latent desire to welcome the new overlords, to see the body destructed, and offer aid to the enemy. Like us and our reproductive master.

2 more versions of this show to come.