Friday, August 7, 2015

Larry Johnson at Raven Row


Johnson, critical darling, reached a point of critical attachment that even darling critics lamenting critic manhandling of Johnson's subtle critical oveure. Dave Hickey early in 1994, quick to point out the disservice of zealous writers extracting their own concrete visions from the nuance of Johnson's.
Sparing the horse, bereft is a discussion  of Johnson's cleanliness, a sort of surgical sterility that verges on a pathologic adherence of Randolph Hearst. A nubile scrubbed quality. That the animation lines - erased of mistake -  reminiscent of the obsessive quality of compulsives. The raw quality of skin rubbed clean. Animation reaches towards idealization at the expense of genitalia neutered, of all those furry creatures erased.  The genitalia Johnson returns.