Friday, August 28, 2015

“Violent Incident” at De Vleeshal

Bernadette Corporation

Nauman's Violent Incident takes rendered reality of sitcom slapsticks and with slight reintroduces the bodily, insinuating the violence as "real," in a way television wanted us to forget and flighting between the two worlds (slapstick and true violence) in a repetitive, exhaustive, serialization that Mike Kelley - always insightful critic on cultural symbolic violence, and speaking of Nauman's bodily sculptures - described as producing the uncanny, which could just as well be described as alienation, the same alienation that has become synonymous with the sort of first-world symbolic violence that most of us feel day-to-day as the background radiation to life, and is the aleph to a lot of renderstentialist art, a violence against our connectivity to whatever we deem real these days: That when a fake corporation engraves "i love rihanna!" on a the false concept of luxury faucet, connections to any concept of "speaking" or affect is broken, and feel numb, a violent incident indeed.

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