Monday, August 8, 2016

Yngve Holen at Kunsthalle Basel


The terrible emptiness of objects, an indifference that hurts, and in Holen and other's objects we begin to see boogeymen that we assume must be there filling the cold object with anything but an emptiness. We exceed at inventing gods where there are none. What is behind it is only us. It is obvious at this point that objects we design are reflections of us, this is how the field of anthropology operates. We are designers or our world, of our water coolers cut in half in attempts to find its ghost where there is only us standing around it attempting the small talk of art writing. Artists' recent turn towards this mystic auto-anthropology would perhaps be better suited to more rigorous dissertations of objects affectual torture of us that Holen and other's more symbolic moments seem primed to leech out of all-too-ready curators, but it is true that our objects haunt us.

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