Sunday, August 28, 2016

“Take This Gun And Stick It” at Ellis King

Metaphysical Scarf Experience (Hanna Törnudd)

A press release staging the objects in the doorway of the libidinal. Oft stated: Art is an object determined and structured by our relationship to desire, an object created of what we want to see exist in the world and even the staggering repression of desire by someone like say Christopher Williams becomes instead paraphilia rejection of bodily pleasure, instead expressing bodily shame, instead only the over-clean pleasure of what the product affords, a fetishistic antipodal relation to desire, and thus sick, circling all our hairy wet need. But so less oft said is our current and growing vogue for the micro-attention to the formal aspects of art begins to further and further be capable of discussion in terms of sexual fetish, desire is rerouted into inanimate objects, feel latex or the suspended touch leaving them blue balled and in agony.

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