Saturday, October 14, 2017

Mindy Rose Schwartz at Queer Thoughts


Preciousness is difficult, overripening it bears whiffs of sentimentality, that saccharine brown fruit. [Byars probably our greatest in converting sentimentality, tempering his preciousness with a crappiness, a sort of poor man's gilding, funner to believe.] "craft methods that, although not lacking charm, are commonly dismissed as trivial or irrelevant." Which is true, we do symbolic violence, Distinction, through our tastes which we presume are some objective reasoning, not wanting to believed as a reproduction of class, its partitioning. Chintz is the realm of the agrarian, provincial, of the insipid populists, and dolts of whose outer-realms we prefer to flyover, that we, aesthetically astute, must continually decor ourselves and our realms in aesthetic objects against this, them, hang like hexes against; much of our aesthetics are built upon this.  To see craft and react.

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