Sunday, January 14, 2018

Liam Gillick at CAC Vilnius


"So then in the middle of this empty room we'll have these, like, little models that sort of look like Risk tokens of industrialization"

"Like little maquettes."

"Like all alone and empty across the space."

"Yeah, symbols I guess..."

"in the dark."

"Well and there's like heavenly club light like pouring down on it."

"Symbolizing the interior."

"and then sawdust all over the floor."

"also symbolizing the interior."

"Because they're actually warehouse dancehalls."

"Well yes people are in an Museum, but surely they'd rather be somewhere else.."


The forebear to today's Simon Dennys and Anne Imhofs, the weaponizing of corporate and cultural tropes as a banality, ambivalent to its corporate manipulation of emotive capacities so long as it produces its effect, content, cruel fun.

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