Monday, February 12, 2018

Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho at 47 Canal


You will spend 3/4 of your press release explaining this object, an artifact precipitated from global anxieties. The story is interesting, succinctly narrativizing global transition's stranger expression as as a terse plot. The story almost a retooling of the standard Disney prince/princess narrative, the pauper/prince transforming his embattled town to gold tech industry; the coffin carpenter saws himself into manufacturing mogul. Storytelling magic, installing the lens to view the object as new. An object once prized for inexpense (rivaling ikea!), it now has value for the story it contains like a totem. 3/4 of reviewer's wordcount will be recounting the incantation to install the program in their readers. To see this global precipitate for our study, under new lights, placing lights in it, illuminating it, live cameras to portray it from a new and multiple angles and place within it a potion of "wood, ink on rice paper, single-channel video (7:00 mins, looped), plastic bundles containing: inflatable dolphins, security blankets, dried mushrooms, bath mat, bucket, rice noodles, dried fish maw, poncho, lotus leaves, candied winter melon, aluminum platter, 360-degree panoramic WIFI camera light bulbs" - fish bladders take on the flavor of the soup they are in - to activate "artistry," and to its benefit 4 questions end it, directly asked in the PR like a book club edition's questionnaires for sparking conversation, refreshing in its directness, and us looking to find answers searching at all the beauty of totem poles.

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