Monday, February 5, 2018

Kasper Bosmans at Gladstone Gallery


PR provides: "evoking political artifacts and labor practices reified into material gestures [...] presented as an ensemble of painting, sculpture, textile, and wallpaper, [...] rendering them as inert aestheticobjects."  Inert aesheticobjects.  i.e. The numbhanded approach, assessing objects with bloodless feelers that estrange them, cast across the gulf of meaning, the fissuring of symbol from its signified, this distance of the rift the interpretable space we call poetic. The symbols ability to store and dissipate information, hyperlink icons and broken links, and paintings with all the navigable space of ipads, littered with icons. The look of information, the pleasure of useless maps.
"Painting in the virtual space that our world increasingly appears. Space becomes an information deployment system, and layout becomes highly organized studied and manipulated. Style becomes a corruption of the subject. Reflecting the increasing prevalence the interface over the image."