Monday, February 26, 2018

Tobias Spichtig at Malta Contemporary


Its an effective image, one from Spichtig's endless activities in framing (e.g. the walls weren't painted but the paintings were with it, documented by the artist, mattresses, desks blockades, etc.). But the fridge. Fridges unrunning and closed will have their internals fester with mildew, stink. The closed body rots, the fridge breeds internally. (Was someone from the gallery opening them at night to let air in, or were they allowed to fester.  Or were they running, breathing dry air against mold; the several electrical outlets documented show otherwise. Or were they modified. Maybe some anti-fungal. Or at the end simply gathered like corpses at room-temperature, rotting, and tossed into their grave, atop Malta's apparent landfill problem.) You can probably properly prepare a fridge for long term storage, embalm them just like the paintings removed from the rot that makes them interesting to be hung on your wall nicely, away from our gathering images of metal bodies rotting, stinky fridges more interesting than painting.

see too: Roger Hiorns at ELI Beamlines Center