Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Past: Lucy McKenzieAtelier E.B

...the modern question of whether we should believe in the sign or not, the surface or not, like clue boards we're not sure to trust, as the PR states: presenting legal grey areas in culture’s appetite for the genuine.

How many artists/art projects have started, or started as, a fashion brand? It's almost a genre at this point, the "art" fashion brand. ... Fashion is a perhaps more honest about its object, which is really the brand, the effort to construct the aura ... And honesty about what backs the work allows for a more complete control over the gesamtkunstwerk, the ads, the displays, the showroom itself. The walls don't even need to be white, the production line of aura.

Atelier E.B at Garage Museum of Contemporary ArtLucy McKenzie at Daniel BuchholzLucy McKenzie at Museum Brandhorst