Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Anna Uddenberg at Meredith Rosen Gallery


Cronenberg baby furniture? American BDSM Airlines x BabyBjörn? You can make distinct things look like other things because the microtization of affect becomes an all encompassing sign system. Think of the distinction between "tactical" t-shirt, "sport" t-shirt, "yoga" t-shirt. The detailing designates the meaning - both real and fake at the same time. Meaning emerges like gender identity. My baby is a tactical baby. Mine is liberal. A performance without origin. So of course the high end sex toys begins to look like baby toys - they are catering to the tastes of the same buyer - who assembles a closet of identity, no different from meaning. These affective layers are what AI is so good at spinning. Certain AI generators ban the  word "Cronenberg." His is too powerful. You start to see things that were always there. The "suggestification" of art. 

Theory of the couch.

The reason we've gotten into upholstery, into couches, chairs and gotten into sleeping bags, is that they infer us. They contain the ghost of the human they were made for. Every chair is a bodily innuendo. And the pervert knows what the decorous don't.