Friday, February 20, 2015

Ben Schumacher at Bortolami

Performance by Andy Schumacher

An exhibition as a proposal for an architecture, an exhibition preparatory, preliminary in its sketch, everything here is a “performance,” an inference for projection, the techno-materialism of Schumacher’s practice spun to threads, to the lines of schematics, doodles on photographs reneging the objects that once adorned his exhibitions in favor of the documentary plans, a conceptualism you assemble yourself like IKEA, components stretched thin to dissolution in the dilation of time as speeds approach ludicrous. Look at this documentation, without a thing to be seen anywhere. Schumacher no longer the contractor but the architect, setting up a chains of command as entrepreneur, the only way to increase speed is to oversee those who have been sourced, soon to be Schumacher the CEO.
Techo acceleration useful in limits fraying, swelling with hot-air, to loft itself out of exhibitionary containers and coursed to see itself in skyscrapers, fueled on the fumes of gaseous networks of friend-ibitions, accumulative and outsourced models of growth. If it can get off the ground.

Ben Schumacher at Musee d'art Contemporain de Lyon , David Douard at Johan Berggren , Simon Denny at Portikus