Friday, February 27, 2015

Florian Hecker & John McCracken at Künstlerhaus KM- , Midway Contemporary Art

Florian Hecker & John McCracken at KM
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Sparkling green lawn's invention a fashionable show of power by an aristocrat class whose wealth made superfluous their land's need for production. Wasted space a show of luxury wealth in a symbolic economics trickled down to a middle class who too wanted shows of their own version of middle class luxury in a suburban plot. And so too today Manhattan bank and corporate office enormous lobbies are left unimaginably empty in the highest rate real estate markets today in a show of symbolic violence, waste as power. And then so too is the empty gallery a flaunting of space value, of sited sound's physicality and weight; value transferred from the real estate it occupies, $/sqft, the equation bare, voids given presence and meaning through the land, harnessing the original form of wealth, or at least subsistence, by farming the capitalist value for itself in effigy to its own grandeur. Minimalist modes as theater to its own presence, the precarity of Hecker's audio opulence set the gallery on pins.

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