Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gina Folly and Mandla Reuter at SALTS


Loading up an image and now seeing Amazon's name above it. The url of its holding. One of the largest and most aggressively expansive global corporations hosting the artworld's archive of contemporary art images. A reminder at the top of every page of Capital's ability to exchange and extract value from everything, from things they have set up to need to know nothing about, just farming people's desire, meaningless to them. Ours is a subsidiary of Google.

 Edit: At the time of this writing CAD images, when clicked to full resolution, were hosted under a "http://s3.amazonaws.com/contemporaryartgroup/" url, designating their space on Amazon's hosting services. Items have since been redirected under a "http://images.cagrp.org/" url. The two are interchangeable.

Second update: It seems CAD has gone back to its hosting at "http://s3.amazonaws.com/contemporaryartgroup/" rendering the last update obsolete.

Third update: On April 24th, a month after this was first written, Amazon's quarterly earning report is released showing better than expected earnings and that its Web Services (AWS) division making 16.9% margins  (itself making 1.57 billion dollars alone in the first quarter) causing Amazon's stock prices to soar 15% ($59) making its CEO and main shareholder Jeff Bezos 5 Billion Dollars in a single day.