Wednesday, March 4, 2015

“Rainbow” at Queer Thoughts

Lucie Stahl

Finding spaces exterior the crystal vagueness of white nowhere is commendable, but the increased interest in “off spaces” another search for authenticity existing no place at home, but the press release narrative in the shadow of capital G Global affairs of a 50 billion dollar China backed new Central American canal bisecting a country and placing the artworks there “as as a proposal for an alternative means of exploiting personal resources” is staggering even for press release bombast standards and a odd form of symbolic colonialism, shipping artists in to expose them to the harsh light of Real Issues so that they may absorb it like sunshine, and use it as backdrops for their polyurethne objects and Hollywood inspired films whose own cultural wastelanding might be reflected in this film, acquiring a tan like the best work of all.

See too : "The Contract" as Essex Street. , 1989 at Barbara Weiss