Friday, July 24, 2015

“Friday, July 24, 2015″ at Essex Street

"Friday, July 24, 2015" at Essex Street

In this episode Forrest pens a love letter. The love letter is open letter, made public PR, an address sung upon the highest mountain top found: the LES exhibition, and then posted on his own factory of the visible, but addendums abound at pains to make clear that it was CAD's board of directors choosing to announce the letter and not Forrest, because that would be like weird, and but who is going to tell their boss their love wasn't worthy, and but who wants to be a critic of a love letter anyway, particularly when people's literal lives and loves are at stake, not us, the letter is undeniably sweet. Jealous singles swell. So from our team to yours we all wish you and yours a happy outcome.

But so the most interesting reveal in this episode that for all CAD's fears of nepotism, CAWD actually wrote the review for Puppies Puppies back in March, back when it was quickly becoming an expectation for Puppies Puppies next solo to be featured on CAD, one of the extremely few penned early in anticipation for its eventual coming, PP an obvious CAD favorite, before knowing anything about the love revealed here. So here's hoping it comes.