Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Loretta Fahrenholz at Midway Contemporary Art

Loretta Fahrenholz at Midway Contemporary Art

Ditch Plains was as a success as one can have, preceded by its perfect promo-stills replicating across the art-network in a self-generating promo campaign. The stills reproduced so well, and functioned so perfectly to manifest desire for a summer blockbuster (still in theaters 2 years later) difficult to separate its expectation from arrival, but Plains fulfilled perfect the blockbuster function of libidinal fun for our eschatological drives, a post-apocalypse film-trailer, functioning itself as an ad, a future, fragmented images distending to project a unfolding and manifest a desire now for more.
 It's two years later now and it seems like still no one has had anything interesting to say about the film despite the massive press because like any blockbuster it has more to do with our cultural desires than any thing the film is "about," - which brilliantly Fahrenholz's film isn't - just black bodied apocalypse hip-hop and us who desire it.

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