Sunday, September 20, 2015

“Old News (again)” at CNEAI

"Old News (again)" at CNEAI

The switch to individual artists curating issues of old news has really given new life to the project.
Artists railing against a format generally leads to interest, organizing and presenting the feed that influence their lives in way that is less artistic than it is expositional. Even against all odds Beshty put down his reflexive mirror to use his hand to assemble something.
Old news is a good thing, I enjoy reading it.

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

 Take a fictional Target shopper named Jenny Ward, who is 23, lives in Atlanta and in March bought cocoa-butter lotion, a purse large enough to double as a diaper bag, zinc and magnesium supplements and a bright blue rug. There’s, say, an 87 percent chance that she’s pregnant and that her delivery date is sometime in late August. What’s more, because of the data attached to her Guest ID number, Target knows how to trigger Jenny’s habits. They know that if she receives a coupon via e-mail, it will most likely cue her to buy online. They know that if she receives an ad in the mail on Friday, she frequently uses it on a weekend trip to the store. And they know that if they reward her with a printed receipt that entitles her to a free cup of Starbucks coffee, she’ll use it when she comes back again.

How Microbes Defend and Define Us