Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jacob Kassay at Fitzpatrick-Leland House

Jacob Kassay at Fitzpatrick-Leland House

Having been with this thread for a while,

“Seven Reeds” at Overduin & Co.
Sophie Nys at Crac Alsace
Brian Calvin at Le Consortium

It's an old advertising truism that a every consumer, even the jaded, buys the emotions associated with a product more than the product itself. The buy-in being a broad sense of any investment, monetary, social, symbolic or otherwise. When selling a chair from a glossy mail order catalog photograph it on a beach to associate a lifestyle. Imagine these objects without this backdrop.
And so is CAD a lifestyle mail order catalog? No, but Kassay sorta makes it look like one. Which is funny. Using the imbuing qualities of setting/documentation to perform its totemisms.
As always, Kassay lovely in a vague sense, of a model home.

See too: “Being Thing” at Centre International d’Arte et du Paysage & Treignac Projet