Friday, October 9, 2015

“TRUST” at offsite locations, Den Frie, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Overgaden, GL Strand

"TRUST" at Kunsthal Charlottenborg
(offsite locationsDen Frie, Nikolaj KunsthalOvergadenGL Strand)

While individual artworks dominate the economic hemisphere, the broader art system uses the exhibition as the transactionary unit; legitimation transferred from the institution to the artist/curator as a single affirmation, bestowing their emblem of conviction, to bear, if briefly, their name. Every name representing that institution's confidence, a sign of credibility, the journeyman artworker collects people's affirmation of yourself. As there are no ultimate arbitrators of value within art, networked legitimation becomes the dominant mode, collecting them all. And so for all those calling in to ask, that is why CAD decided to publish this as five separate exhibitions.