Friday, January 4, 2019

Past: Darren Bader

"There was a small comedy in finding the glitches in new products, on the internet you would see mugs printed with masses of inane image as algorithms auto-designed them. It dredged everything available on the internet to place it onto a mug. Walmart's website selling an iPhone case with a man wearing diapers. Everything onto everything. Exponentially increase to the products available without oversight, quantity above all. A tornado of reference and attachment, and the audience in the whirl attempting to see anything to relieve the anxiety of so much garbage, vertigo in feeling one's toes sense the full ocean of production."

"that if we're going to take seriously the idea of dead fire bricks arranged gravenly on floors, or water become tree, then too so we must accept with it its ideological twin, shrimp tossed in a foosball table or muffins arranged. To argue one way or the other the importance of bricks/floor vs shrimp/game is to already enter into Bader's standoff, and lose to the man brilliantly willing to lose everything to win."

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Darren Bader at Andrew Kreps