Friday, March 17, 2023

Bispo do Rosario at Americas Society


At one point we force fed things like Krebber, all the hot white stars of the western hegemony, spammed in feeds, again and again. For we were the Colognies. For years. This was the digital process of artworld reproduction, spread across seas, maps spread like all the dark slide rooms of schools, of catalogs, of the cannon reproducing itself in wet eyed young forced to look up to it. Which we're taking account for now, decolognizing your bookshelf, contemporary art library et al. An artworld ostensibly returning care to those previously left at the fringes. One wonders how many of these will return? How many will be cared for? Each day we receive a new banner heralding the new forgotten. As a matter of inclusivity. Rightly so. How many will be taken down from the banner and be given hospitality. How many will return? Will we see Bispo again? Can the ark of culture bring more than two in this deluge, all existing artists on Earth. Questions everyone kept asking.