Monday, November 2, 2015

Istanbul Biennial

Merve Kılıçer - Büyükada Halk Kütüphanesi

Assigning numbers to all artists and then a  random number generator to choose: Merve Kılıçer. 
Merve Kılıçer's images can be found here: istanbul-biennial/iksv_14b_sahirugureren_498#499#500#501#502#503#504#505

Merve Kılıçer's biography from page 90 of the guidebook reads:
"1987, Istanbul. Lives and works in Istanbul. Mater.ial,  2014–15, 2 custom-made tables, 2 handmade artist’s books "

"There are two books in the library with prints in them. They tell the stories of Tiamat and Inanna. They are creation stories. Her prints are also stories – successive layers of etching on a metal plate with puntasecca and acquaforte."