Tuesday, February 9, 2016

186f Kepler at Contemporary Art Daily


In late 2015 Tinder added a "super-like" function to its standard swipe left/right yes/no configuration. The "super-like" was a limited use feature, whose expendable nature - one-time only (per day) - made it possible to express through the burning of it that the person in question really meant it and introducing further rarity and actual symbolic exchange in order to counter-act to what had anecdotally become a numbers game of mass publication for later curation.  and would thus stand apart from a crowd in a mass feed of regular "likes." That the social of course would have to absorb tactics of marketing the plenty of fish in the sea were going to be caught with anything but dredge nets.

"Clifton Palace," “Pho Viet Huong” "Vzszhhzz," "Astro 5," and "Tes Yeux" at 186f Kepler,