Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Marina Pinsky at Kunsthalle Basel

Marina Pinsky at Kunsthalle Basel

CMD+T. Click and drag to scale. Return. M. Click and Drag. G to fill.
Somewhere between Elad Lassry and Nina Bier waistdeep in the newfound rubbery substance of photography.  That photos do weird things in the world today. They wrap the curves of public transit, dissolve from gray paper in puddles, facade high-rises, are uploaded to clouds, stabilized by conservators, projected in darkrooms, amassed in feeds. They lack need for any substrate whatsoever yet the process of being photographed is called being objectified. You become an object and things become their representation. Photography is a purgatory between the filth of the world and the infinite white virtual. But so the wooden versions of the Cryogenic tanks too are privy to this process of objectification as we start to understand the whole world as photography.

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