Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wade Guyton at Friedrich Petzel


Guyton began as the perfect Warholian*: a slacker drawing Xs, and killing content in service to the machine of its reproduction, the production proved it and this alongside the fantasy of eruptions tugged from our subconsciouses plugged into the machine and pulled from. Eventually this got boring. The machine wasn't so much able to manifest our subconscious as provide brief illusion that this was possible, that we could print our dreams, creativity, whatever as a perfect reproducible commodity. Instead, they were just commodities potentializing dreams as any other. And so the next perfect Warholian step was to print the newspaper, which itself was like the manifestations of the Giant subconscious of earth people, the newspaper printed was in fact the eruptions of all those subconscious desire's added up, a real freaky thing indeed.

* even perhaps moreso that the direct illusions by the race rioting Walker, Kelly

Furthermore: Wade Guyton at Academie Conti & Le Consortium 
"Print the painting, how cold and deliciously malevolent it all seemed at the time until our own body temperature fell so low to match it that eventually even Scheljdahl felt warm towards a retrospective of them."