Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lena Henke at Kunstverein Braunschweig & Louise Bourgeois at Cheim and Read

(Louise Bourgeois , Lena Henke)

Bourgeois never gave up the latent content of physical depiction, sculpture, its materiality, even the virtual, the way so many, say minimalists, wished they could and instead drew out what those Greeks left implicit in the linea alba, their white soft marble line, of men, and these latent expressions in physicality crop up in her progeny, apparent in those like Henke for whom physical things act as moments of duplicity, locus for multiple apparencies, big black table eyes. There is too many things to say about these things, looking like too much, their genericsm becomes strength. A low poly mesh provides metaphorical possibility in its low resolution. The harder it is to define things the larger their aqueous potential, and physical material experience (of which CAD is no real good at imparting) is a real wet thing.