Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tobias Rehberger at Gio Marconi


The European Jorge Pardo, expelling the libidinal into the shiniest vessels of capital, a release all over the walls of the museum, again and again, brightly colored amounts, a real garnish to your museum or home. But the point is to just release. The question "what else?" confirms the redundancy with itself concretized as a neon sign and its implicit answer, it already too. If you enjoy the bedazzled and glitzed, the "fun" and friendly you'll love these mens' jouissance, their maniacal enjoyment of all things glistening and large. It's so fun! "At Giò Marconi the artist surprises with the choice of works: more than 30 differently sized framed works on paper." But its no surprise, drawing has always been that perfect expression of unconscious desire. Drawn up: “'Prejudices against white males (15)' shows a cooked chicken on a plate with bent, spread legs and folded arms, very much resembles a tanned headless reposing woman. Other drawings openly play with political, racial and sexual stereotypes and prejudices: the girl with the protruding bottom upon which she balances sweets and a glass of milk; the man checking the contents of another man’s pants; the all naked girl band which epitomizes every man’s wet dream." 
Such obvious libidinal expression comes already with a second answer, the exhibtion's title, "tous pour les femmes".

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