Thursday, July 14, 2022

Past: Jana Euler

"The image today a total malleability. Photoshop makes surrealism quaint, Magritte's entire practice premised on its most basic tools, transpose, cut, drag and drop; and today phone apps like magic mirrors to show you elderly, replace your face with your dog, barf rainbows at will in a world that is totally virtual. "

"and we revel in its mud. ... paintings more like a mirage, shifting muck of material images, and so uncertain about whether that shark officially looks like a cock or if that's just you."
"Against our wishes for clean aluminum concepts and graspable truths, a "conceptual abstraction" is like having mud in your mind. And Euler's feel loose, threaten spillage, a filth inside. 
"like an opened lid and staring into the bait to unpack the whole, pulling one referential string and the whole thing deluges like clowns out of cars, only guessing at the number of clowns in the office.  The thread pulls endlessly, and the sweater never comes."
"Do not open them up in here. It will get everywhere. I am not the cleaner, I cannot keep up with this level of dust."