Thursday, July 27, 2017

Candy Jernigan at Wattis


Artistic power to make something "appear," be visible, is often abused with a beatification or worse aestheticization of a subject the artist predicts will interest nobody without their, the artist's, supple grace, i.e. the stylization, photorealist iconizaton, or whatever painterly reifications for aura redundantly affixed. Of course drawing is recording and thus proof of its seeing, document to its witness, made visible, and more accurate lines authenticating, but the drawing need not be "special." Jerrigan's accumulation proves a more a serviceable method in which the painter yields to the object, representation of it and not talent. Like all those tacos and kebabs painted on stucco to advertise the real thing inside, there is a functionalism in vernacular foodstuffs that often feels like a relief. If you want to show something you just put it there.