Saturday, November 25, 2017

Barbara Hammer at Company


Merging the physicality of the female body with that of the film medium, Hammer’s films remain memorable for their pioneering articulation of a lesbian aesthetic.”
-Jenni Sorkin, WACK! Art & The Feminist Revolution

"more or less inventing lesbian cinema" - PR

Invent or discover, it's hard to decide, but it's true you can see in Hammer's films and photography the angiosperm of 80% of the New Museum's current "Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon" a survey of the current landscape of gender-avant art of which Hammer is conspicuously absent, truant.
We are creatures of reproduction, it's how we learn language, self, and the images' powerful means of constructing identity. Who didn't learn to kiss from seeing it on screen? Why we seek "representation" of peoples. The ability to see new forms we can adopt. The ability to not reproduce the structures previous but instead inventing new forms, paths, images, ways to be, that's queer

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