Monday, May 21, 2018

Faith Ringgold at Weiss Berlin


2016, MoMA finally purchased their big Ringgold - of her 14 works perusable online, the first non multiple or tiny drawing- but then there exists not a single Gee's Bend quilt-maker, a tragedy like many at MoMA, as collections everywhere glacially and retroactively update their ideology to reflect today's culture and sculpture as Chauvinist Painting melts away and the body is allowed to have touched the things we hang on walls as if it had always been so. MoMA no longer leading culture, its dinosaur cruiseship seeming to lag ever further toward falling over the cultural world's edge. There are quilts in MoMA's collection, almost entirely by men - most notably Rauschenberg's paint splattered Bed using one as some found artifact worthy of covering in his vital fluid - showcasing its endless aversion to maternal labor as opposed to quilting itself. Notably of Ringgold's it was not a quilt that MoMA bought but an oil painting.

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