Thursday, May 24, 2018

Louisa Gagliardi at Open Forum


Painting has body but ink has that sheen perfect in fashion, surfaces whose shapelies have been excavated until mere skeletons hanging clothes and skin to glow. That like Gagliardi's paintings the body cut for their tubular photoshop skin, cartoon mirroring our model's own el Grecoing bodies into lanky warbling sticks, printed in advert sweat, inks, magazine glass. That wet look, pavement in the rain under sodium streetlamps, inky, in the surfaces where even the lighting appears moisturized. Painting adopts different vernaculars, TOM FORD FOR MEN, appearing new.  A whole exhibition today called PVC fetishism - that the youthful today, raised in glass-inflected magazines, slick cartoons, feed though plastic, eventually adopt affinities for that torrent of slickness, we start to print our dreams on vinyl.

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