Tuesday, December 12, 2023


"The reason we've gotten into upholstery, into couches, chairs is that...  every chair is a bodily innuendo. And the pervert knows what the decorous don't."

"The detailing designates the meaning. Meaning emerges like gender identity.Think of the distinction between "tactical" t-shirt, "sport" t-shirt, "yoga" t-shirt."

"Uddenberg works with the obvious message that's unspoken ...  there's a sexuality to the leather curves of car interiors.  ...  And everyone now tearing at couches to reveal our innuendo's innards, digging for the implication from the things that caress us."

"Uddenberg's recent sculpture are weirder than Jones' because they seem to emerge from the surrealism of culture itself..."

Full: Anna Uddenberg at Meredith Rosen GalleryAnna Uddenberg at Kraupa-Tuskany ZeidlerAnna Uddenberg and Nicolas Ceccaldi at MEGA Foundation