Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Anthony Symonds at Cabinet

Looking back, Symonds 2002 RTW collection is amazingly bland, save a few foreshadowing bikini's spyder webbing, fitting for tennis clubs, before the art thing allowing libidinal fancy-freedom and now it's dressed mannequins for sale, strangely unacknowledged weirdness of selling dressed mannequins, not just outfits. But so the point: Symonds wasn't always avante-fashion technicalities, approaching at one point an almost suburban subtlety. But so 2014 you've got some elegant dresses (on mannequins) and a quote lifted from classic documentary Paris is Burning (which why?) some patterns and mirrors and one technical space robe to remind us of Symonds more out coutureism, fine. Fashion art fine. Most of the discussion will remain ignorant to Raf Simmons, and pretty much fashion as whole, like did an architect ever look at Jorge Pardo's home and should we have rescinded the money. Fine.