Friday, October 3, 2014

Allison Katz at BFA Boatos

6 9:29:2014

Yet another Painting Press acknowledging the persevering artist’s insistence of painting’s “possible field” in spite of its obsolescence. An irritating sentiment when one could instead irrigate the barren field, or harvest dirt, perhaps ground for pigments, however you want to use the metaphor before it changes to Painting is like an “overripe” fruit. Whatever painting is, its barren and unpalatable until you learn to like it. The acquired taste here is the awkward flat-footeded go-to in painting with meta-winking-nonsensical subject, a designer sensibility of outdated fashions, intentional international. I mean that Monkey painting is just awful, like something from a 70’s Tommy Bahama travel brochure, tiger-fur speedo on its way. A confabulation of sensibilities, cliches of 70’s colors in 90’s photoshop-neophism, everything lightly repugnant, repulsive, overwrought; Accruing a semblance of a thread through the passing motifs that surface, developing a topology, the adsoprtion of badpainting cop-out disaffection when you could ask the cops to leave, you’re an adult and this is your home, decorate it however.