Friday, May 29, 2015

Olga Balema at Croy Nielsen

Olga Balema at Croy Nielsen (link)

Materially this work is weird, interesting, the taught over-inflated carcass of rotting whale PVC fetishists, dead fish washed ashore and sexually lurid, the hyperreal of the package holding the bodily abject, but the installation of it exemplifies today’s occult handling of spatial composition, the feng shui arrangements that bespeak an other, or a spiritual warmth, weirding, and there exists an interesting conversation between Gedi Sibony (arguable harbinger of current compositional resurgence, possibly even of the curtain meme) and Kai Althoff in which the former kinda sorta admits the latter. These compositional strategies become a signal, attempting through odd/unusual placement to valorize objects, in the same way higher powers once commanded painters into corners, sculpture today arranges on a logic established/predicated on an otherness. To quote Carpenter yesterday, “non- allegorically allegorical “displays” I seek to confound these products into a hieroglyph.”
But the work is desirable, expect to see more of it. Buy now as it were.

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