Thursday, March 2, 2017

Autumn Ramsey at Park View


As painter of things, and cat butts sensuous, the combed marbling and sumi-esque, akin Bill Lynch, embed a materialism into the styles assembled, things out of techniques, an odd partitioning of means that, like Amelie von Wulfen, earn small surprises. According to the PR we're supposed to look past these styles "into a realm of circumstances that challenge common beliefs and examine bias"  maybe so we don't call the teary eyed black face painting a black face painting. Perhaps excellently enough its hard to know what to make of the cultural references, and then a blooby green star hovers ambiguously, like a presence to obscure.

Autumn Ramsey at Night ClubAmelie von Wulffen at Barbara WeissBill Lynch at Tanya Leighton,  Bill Lynch at White Columns,