Friday, November 29, 2019

Past: Max Hooper Schneider

"Well these sure make our ecological collapse seem beautiful. It surely won't be this ornamented to us. It might be beautiful to someone, but there might not be fish - or any life form - to be beautiful for. Our future might be a large hot acid scorched rock. Our plastic lingerie will dissolve to micro-suffocation devices for fish, our fake jewelry leeching till the water opaque poison. The plankton, studies have recently shown. These are different from Ruin porn, their interest is in fantasizing our future, apocalyptically. Maybe its nihilistic comfort to see the beauty in our suicide."

"Whole fantasies behind glass, Disney World behind glass where 20,000 leagues under glass a squid would attack your submarine. From sentient watermelon to primordial hot baths, the Chuck-E-Cheese Animtronics begin horribly signing a new dystopian that is lush."