Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lily van der Stokker at Koenig & Clinton


Van der Stokker's Lisa Frank feminism posits an ironic fuck-all to neurotic questioning of gender paranoia's possibility of existing as a stereotype, of pink; e.g. “Parenting the non-girlie girl,” “Loving Pink for Boys, Haiting it for Girls,” “Pink and Blue,” “Toemageddon 2011,” “In Praise of Pink Polish,” “When did girls start wearing pink” “Saving our Daughter from an Army of Princesses,” and “What’s the Problem with Pink Anyway?” A baseline existential question: how am I not myself? I can be who I want to be, but will everyone know that I am being who I want to be? recursive mise-en-abyme into self’s abyss. Van der Stokker ironizes it into its caricature laughability at the same time embraces it. A “best regards” to all those current existential crises. Its mockery’s expense of others cruel in its flippancy.

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