Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Frances Stark at Daniel Buchholz and Daniel Buchloz

Frances Stark at Galerie Buchholz

Stark’s teenage formality distinct Matthew Brannon’s hypochondriac bourgeois, her posters and videos, though clean, contain a level of humanist existential goo. Stark drawing from DIY-punk ethos letting it all hang out the canvas, a gesture towards admitting the cultural disposability of art practice based in images today that stands over the face of the Deep, Instagram. Artists can’t get over it, blasted in an unstoppable deluge of culture daily. With so many “dealing with it,” detourning it into art, as if that was meaningful, launching conventional artist weapons in atomized age, Stark’s insistence in the forms cheapness itself, its mixtape assemblage of a disposable music video, affirms her as one of the few who actually get it.