Thursday, November 10, 2016

Emily Mae Smith at Rodolphe Janssen


The trend couldn't be clearer at this point, the neo-imagists.

Mathew Cerletty
Orion Martin
Sascha Braunig
Emily Mae Smith
Alice Tippit
Jamian Juliano Villani
Lui Shtini
Milano Chow

It's less the digitalization of painting than its conversion to iOS, then made surreal. Like Magritte's redesigning app icons, like surrealism for iPads, like Magritte's rupturing our expectations of standardized images. We today understand icon's intent to be informative with immediacy. Any delay on that causes produces the Magrittean dissonance. The new id eruptions from post-digital dreamlands. But then all those who all already sort of predicted this landscape then:

Christina Ramberg
Diane Simpson
Ray Yoshida
Ed Paschke
Roger Brown
Art Green
Miyoko Ito
James Rosenquist

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