Wednesday, November 9, 2016


CAD breaking precedent. Interview with an Archivist.  Whatever thought of CAD's aggrandizement of the archive, of which it - of one sort - provides, the gesture remains. And while Self aggrandizing its worth through the intellectualization of it may seem a bit much in a day that many - as online posts claim - struggle to get out of bed, it's an argument that at least claims worth for its continuation on a day that many refuse to. Not really many can say the same. Art needs to recon with the fact that the world has - for a long time now - been turning to leave it here, wastelanded and self-ostracized. The implicit statement of the interview that collecting at least sediments a moment - a group or idea as (ideally) unrescindable - is perhaps wishful as it is necessary. Like, if we believe in art, then the archive is necessary, as a group, to prove - even if we don't continuously see eye to eye - that we existed, and antagonistic to whatever else. Events haven't yet shown themselves to be as dire as the Interviewed's AIDs origin was, but the point is beside. An affirmation that of course we are here. And while the outside prolly cares little at most we can look and see at least some - however warped - reflection of ourselves to know - however narcissistically - that we were at here and that is - however esoterically self-ghettoized and corporate - something. However flawed the system, it's a point of representation. “Trauma leads to collecting" not quite collectivization, but the root is there, at least it exists against the real bummer of a day.