Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lynn Hershman Leeson at Vilma Gold


CAD never explains why things are important but Hershmann should be paid attention to not for this exhibition but for her resurgence now showing in Dreamlands: her forecasting much of the renderstentialist video and robot art of today's youth. Skip these images and go watch a low quality online sample of her work Seduction of a Cyborg and then everything else and see all the foreshadowing of Moulton's mock techno-spiritual, Wolfson's sex robots, Atkins' authorial monologue and sound cuts, Rose's affective slippages, Steryl's anti-comedy, Cortright's digital Sherman-esque subject construction, James Richards affective collaging, etc. etc.  It's all there.

See too: Shana Moulton at Kunsthaus GlarusJordan Wolfson at David Zwirner, Rachel Rose at High ArtEd Atkins at Serpentine GalleryPetra Cortright at Société